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How to Obtain a Copy of a Will

In most cases, a copy of a Will is usually kept amongst the person’s important papers.

 If you are unable to locate a copy, it is worth contacting the law firm or will drafter that acted for the deceased. If you are still struggling to locate a will, it may then be worth contacting the deceased banks, as they often retain documents for customers.

The National Will Register also acts as a useful searching tool. By conducting a Certainty Will Search you will be able to check to see if a Will has been registered on The National Will Register. It also has the ability to enable searches specific to a geographical area, where the deceased lived or worked and also for Wills that have not yet been registered.

If you have exhausted the above two options, you are able to place a standing search on the Probate Registry. This can also be included when a Will Search Protect is conducted with The National Will Register. You are unable to view a will in England and Wales unless you are an executor, or unless it has become a public document. A standing search with the Probate Registry will notify you if probate has been granted within six months of the search being placed. 

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