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Cycling Accidents Are on The Increase

It has been confirmed that this year, the number of people cycling has increased and with this, so have cycling accidents.

Our personal injury team has noticed an increasing number of cycling related accidents in both rural and urban settings. From our experience of dealing with hundreds of cycling accidents, we would recommend the following tips if you become an injured cyclist, or if you are thinking of bringing a claim forward following an accident. 

If possible, when you are at the scene of the accident, take as many photographs and videos of the location as you can, ensuring that you capture the vehicles involved and the people who witnessed it. Make sure that you record the time of the accident, and check that anyone with you also agrees that the time you have noted is the correct time. 

Many cyclists will have GPS recording with them, so make sure that if you do have this it is stored safely for future use.

After the accident it is important to report it to the police if you haven’t done so already and make sure that you obtain the reference number for the accident that the police will provide you with. It is important to also make sure that if you have damaged property including the bicycle and any clothing, that you store these in a safe place for insurers to inspect if it is needed. 

Once you are ready to do so, instruct an established and reputable firm of lawyers that can deal with personal injury claims. 

Our team at CP Law Associates can provide you with a free initial consultation if you have been involved in a cycling accident or injured in anyway, whilst cycling where the accident was not your fault.

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