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What are your employment rights with COVID vaccination?

Can your employer force you to take the COVID vaccination?

With the end of the Covid-19 pandemic relying heavily on the uptake of the vaccine, you may be wondering what your employment rights are with the COVID vaccine – coronavirus vaccine.

Your employer is likely to be in favour of employees that speak positively about the vaccine and it is likely that if you are working in a workplace surrounded by others, that you have heard others speak about how they are less keen to get the vaccine.

At the moment, employees are concerned about the side effects of the vaccine and also the long term effects due to the vaccine being relatively new. But what happens to the employees that have no intentions of receiving the vaccine and where do they stand with their employer?

Can I be dismissed for not taking COVID 19 vaccine?

Employers will have to make a decision on what they will do in this scenario. Your employer will not be able to physically make you have the vaccine, however, your employer could offer a scenario of either taking the vaccine of being dismissed from your role.

An employer has to have a very good reason to dismiss you for not taking the vaccine and it is dependent on your job role/type of industry that you work in. For example, if you work in a care home looking after elderly and vulnerable residents, not receiving the vaccine could put those that you work with at risk and presents a threat to patients or service users.

Can my employer change my ontract for COVID vaccine?

It is unlikely that your employer could amend any employment contract that has previously been given to you, to make it a requirement for you to be vaccinated. However, if you are in a sector working with vulnerable or at risk individuals then it may be that you need to be vaccinated for health and safety reasons as above.

What are my rights as an employee if my employer is making me get the vaccine?

If your employer is stating that you must get the vaccine but you do not want to receive the vaccine, then you should discuss this with your employer. Unless you are working in the mentioned sectors or job roles as above, it is unlikely that your employer can make you get the vaccine or take action against you for doing so.

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