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Are you dealing with the emotional crisis of a divorce?


As a Clinical Hypnotherapist & Psychotherapist I have seen many people going through the emotional crisis of a divorce. Clients often go through phases of feeling anger, guilt, a sense of failure and even grief. Beyond is the hope of eventually moving on to feelings of relief, freedom and happiness but for too many people these emotional states stay as just hopes, not reality.

In my private practice in Guildford (Surrey Psychotherapy) we focus on helping clients through this challenging transition, to manage the emotional crisis of a divorce and eventually to try and bring the emotional hopes to a reality. 

At the worst point in the emotional crisis of a divorce, we can be gripped by feelings of anxiety, fear, anger, grief, guilt, and shame. Unfortunately, that is when most people are moved to make the first call to a divorce lawyer. As a result, people can also end up making short-sighted decisions based on emotional reactions that do not take into account anyone’s long-term best interest.

To address this challenge Surrey Psychotherapy has teamed up with Guildford based CP Law Associates to provide professional help in strengthening mental health during the and after the trauma of divorce.

Teba Martin from Surrey Psychotherapy www.surrey-psychotherapy.com