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Thank you for all your advice, prompt responses and dealing with my divorce with professionalism and understanding. 

Hopefully I do not meet too many people going through separation/divorce but if I do I will definitely recommend they contact you. 



I was recommended  Peter Fisher of CP Law Associates, after being left down by another firm. I had a very complex problem with my Mortgage lender forcing me into early foreclosure of my large property portfolio. Failure would have resulted in definite bankruptcy.

It was a long and complicated process, taking over 18 months for a compromise agreement to be reached, that effectively meant I had won.

Peter made sure my assets were protected (including my main home) and proved that the Lender was acting unlawfully, without the extra expense of going to Court.
Throughout this time, Peter was professional, approachable and efficient. He really does know his stuff!

Since appointing him, Peter has successfully dealt with other serious financial matters that arose from my divorce, effectively chasing away ALL the wolves from my door. I can now sleep at night and plan a future for myself and my daughter. To Peter I am eternally grateful.


"First time I spoke with Peter it seemed as I known him for a long time. He managed my case very efficiently and with professional attitude. Then he recommended Ms Kaur to deal with my second case, where it was her speciality, she is great, confident and knows what she is doing."


"I would recommend C P Law Associates and in particular, Peter Fisher who has helped me with many property and financial matters over several years. Whenever I have need to contact Peter, he responds promptly and efficiently and I can trust him with both my personal and business concerns."


"Peter Fisher has been helping us sort out a legal problem with a rather malevolent lender who was over-stepping the mark. He successfully curbed their activities and was even available out of office hours when needed. An ally who is very useful to have on your side."


"I would recommend C P Law Associates and in particular, Peter Fisher who has helped me with many property and financial matters over several years. Whenever I have need to contact Peter, he responds promptly and efficiently and I can trust him with both my personal and business concerns."


"I would just like to thank you for all the work you did for me. I feel that you handled the work very professionally and were very prompt with your replies to my questions. I would highly recommend you to anybody looking for your services, especially your time and cost efficiency, and excellent legal knowledge."


"Peter fisher is a dedicated and knowledgeable person who strives to support his clients.

He is tenacious and works extremely hard for his clients and I would not hesitate to recommend him as person you would want on your side when things in life do not seem just or you have been wronged in some way."


"I'm writing this review today as I have recently been divorced.

For the past 2 years I have been going through a very difficult time in my life. I was married for 25 years, and after a great deal of soul searching I decided to start divorce proceedings. This wasn't taken lightly, and after my initial conversation I had with Mr Fisher I decided that for my own personal health and well-being that a divorce was the way forward. In these past 2 years when it has been hard and at times when things with my divorce were challenging and difficult, I was supported and very well looked after by CP Law associates.

My concerns and worries were sorted out and the firm made things easier to understand and made me feel more relaxed. They were kind, understanding, and very patient, as I did have a few wobbles, but they were there every step of the way.

So if you're looking for a professional, kind and understanding team of people that put your needs first, then look no further as CP Law associates are all you'll need.

Thank you Mr Fisher, and your team of dedicated professional and kind colleagues. For me it's upwards and onwards, I couldn't recommend anyone better as you're the best!!!!"


"We would like to say thank you very much for what Mr. Peter Fisher has done for us. He is really a very professional and dedicated lawyer.

Our case is this: Last year we were to buy a house. We did not only not buy the house, but lost the 10% deposit, which caused us to fall into financial difficulties. We were really down and upset at the time and couldn't sleep at night. We were only sleeping for two or three hours a day. We did nothing wrong. We trusted the lawyer, but we unknowingly lost the 10% deposit. This was indeed a very painful blow for us.

Fortunately, my friend introduced lawyer Peter Fisher. We emailed all the ins and outs of the documents to Peter. Peter immediately explained the contents of all the documents. He is indeed a very, very professional lawyer and gave us 100% confidence to prove our case. So, we decided to use his legal services to get back the money. Although such weakness is not conducive to me, Peter Fisher clearly pointed out the professional mistakes made by the other party and asked the other party to explain them one by one, but the other party were not able to give reasonable answers.

The result was, Peter helped us to get the amount we requested without the stress and hassle of going to court, saving us thousands in further costs. We are really grateful to Peter Fisher for everything he has done for us, Peter, thank you for your professional and patient guidance. Very much appreciated."


"I thought I had entered into a simple agreement where I would come out with fair value however, the other party was one step ahead and took all advantages available. Agreements left me losing control of the residential property portfolio and it's equity to the other party who meanwhile, deliberately enjoyed the portfolio rental income for the whole of one year.

My first legal advisor, advertising skills in property and commercial law, wanted a quick and easy route to remedy. This after fifteen years of hard work to accumulate the portfolio would have left me well short.

I found CP Law Associates who were willing to work with me and resolve all. All took 12 months. Events included meetings with the other party and hearings at various UK Courts hence, there was always risk that portfolio value would be lost in accumulating legal fees.

However, in the period, the CP Law Associates strategy gave remedy so that the remainder of portfolio houses returned to the rightful owner at a small cost. The vision to remedy, the actions taken to stay ahead and lead all to return of portfolio ownership has been an incredible achievement with relief to all in my family and it's future."


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