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At CP Law Associates, we provide reliable landlord and tenant legal advice from our team of experienced real estate lawyers. Our team will take the time to understand your business and put your interests at the top of their agenda.

Our solicitors are particularly experienced in acting on behalf of landlords, tenants and property management companies.

We cover the whole of the UK and are a friendly approachable and proactive team. 

How can we help landlords?

For any landlord who is renting their property their main concerns tend to be safeguarding their rental income as well as ensuring that their property is not harmed and to ensure that it is also maintained well. The principle reason behind being a Landlord is to continue to generate income, so it is important to ensure their assets are protected. Landlords usually come across the following problems:

  • Tenants who fall behind with their payments
  • Tenants who breach other material clauses of the Tenancy Agreement
  • Need to re-possess the property that is under the Tenancy Agreement
  • Repairs need to be carried out, but parties may be disputing over who should carry them out
  • Section 21 eviction notices
  • Landlord compliance checklists 


If one of the issues described above is something that you are experiencing as a landlord, please get in contact with us as our specialist team will be able to advise.

Landlords Rights

As a landlord, you have the right to:

  • Be paid rent on time 
  • Increase rent
  • Know who is moving in 
  • Reasonable access to enter and repair the property (but give the tenant 24 hours notice) 

How can we help tenants?

When you move into a property as a tenant, you may not own it however it does become your home. It is understandable that whilst being a tenant in a property you could come across issues that you may wish to resolve such as property with disrepair or having continuous disputes with your landlord.

At CP Law Associates we can advise you on what to do if you are having a dispute with your Landlord, providing support to you as a tenant. As a tenant the most common issues you may face are:

  • Landlord is wishing to evict you from the property and has given you notice to vacate.
  • Tenant no longer wishes or is able to remain in the property and is seeking to terminate the tenancy
  • Unlawful evictions or obstruction to use of the property
  • Disrepair of the property – compensation for disrepair and applying for the works to be carried out
  • Disputes over return of the deposit
  • Allegations of breach of terms of Tenancy
  • Allegations of disturbance caused to others
  • Disputes with Local Authority or Housing Associations

Tenants Rights

Your rights as a tenant, depend on the rental agreement that you have with your landlord. In your rental agreement you should find information on the following: 

  • Getting your repairs done 
  • Your homes energy efficiency 
  • Dealing with rent increase
  • Ending your rental agreement 
  • Being asked to leave your home 
  • Getting your deposit back 

Why use CP Law Associates?

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