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At CP Law Associates, we have a private client team that understand that the death of a loved one, lifetime tax planning and ensuring that you have the right plans in place can become difficult because of the variety of legal problems that you may be faced with. We pride ourselves on being expert trusts and estates lawyers. 

We give professional and personal legal advice at an affordable fee. We like to work with you to understand your situation and keep things clear and jargon free where possible.

We have offices in Southampton and Guildford but we provide expert legal advice across the UK. 

Our Services

  • Trusts
  • Estate administration
  • Will Writing
  • Powers of attorney


Trusts are often used to protect your wealth and assets. They can be complex to set up and administer so it is worth seeking legal advice to ensure that they are dealt with correctly. You are often offered the option to tailor your Trust to your specific situation.

  • Inheritance tax planning
  • Long term care planning
  • Compensation protection

Estates Administration

We are dedicated to providing you with a personal and professional service, at an affordable fee. The team at CP Law Associates will provide all the support you need on your estate administrator duties.

How can we help you?

  • Do you know how to apply for probate? We can help
  • What to do when a person dies intestate (without a will)
  • We can make you aware of your responsibilities and liabilities as an executor or administrator
  • How to deal with deceased assets and liabilities

Will Writing

Our team will be able to take your instructions on the relevant estate planning that you are considering. Before overseeing the writing of the will, we will work with you to understand that your wishes will be carried out by executors of your estate.

We can help you with

  • Establishing powers of attorney
  • Making a gift of your property
  • Setting up trusts and putting properties into trusts during your lifetime
  • Dealing with lost wills

Power of Attorney

For power of attorney services we are proud to say that we have a specialist power of attorney team who are able to provide expert legal advice on registering or changing a power of attorney. We can help you with:

  • Advising you on who to choose as your attorney
  • Informing you about the powers an attorney can take on through lasting power of attorney (LPA) and drafting the document so that we can structure the LPA to your needs
  • We will register the LPA with the Office of the Public Guardian to ensure it is legally binding

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