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Drink Driving Legal Advice

Legal Representation For Drink Driving

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The consequences of drink driving and the outcome for when someone is caught drink driving are widely known. It can mean a ban upon conviction, if you are a first offender it is usually a minimum 12 month disqualification which can then go up to three years if the case is serious. As well as being banned there is an additional part of the penalty that will see you face a fine or depending on the seriousness you may be asked to do community service or a prison sentence. 

Legal Advice For Drink Driving

If you find yourself in a situation where you need legal advice for a drink driving case, we suggest that you access legal advice quickly. It is important to get the right legal advice for your case, so that you are prepared to make the right decision about how to deal with a charge. If you have been charged for drink driving, the consequences can be life changing so it is important to seek professional legal advice.

How Reliable Are Breathalysers?

When building a drink driving case against you, the police and the prosecution are heavily reliant on the equipment that they use to gather their evidence against you. You are usually asked to provide two evidential breath samples, one is taken at the roadside and your second and the most accurate one will then be taken at the police station after you have been arrested. The police must take the second sample at the police station on equipment approved by the Secretary of State. 

If the second breath test is a higher level than you expected you have the right for the equipment to be examined to test its voracity and accuracy, this is due to the Cracknell V Willis (1998) case.

Mitigation For Drink Driving

Some of our clients accept that from the outset they are ‘Guilty’ and therefore require a drink driving lawyer to represent them at the Magistrates’ Court for mitigation purposes. If this is the case, our drink drive representative lawyers are skilled and experienced advocates that are able to tailor your personal mitigating circumstances to advance a compelling case to the Court to obtain the lowest sentence possible for you. 

What If I am Caught Drink Driving Twice?

If you have previously been convicted for drink driving within the past 10 years and are now facing another prosecution, if you plead guilty or are found guilty, the court must impose a driving ban between 3 & 5 years.

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If you have been caught drink driving and need to speak with a drink driving lawyer, our team at CP Law Associates will be able to assist you, we have represented many motorists across the UK. We also offer a free initial consultation to discuss your drink driving case and to be able to give you a true understanding of your options.

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