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Do you need help recovering unpaid debts?

Our debt recovery lawyers in Essex are here to assist you with recovering unpaid debts. CP Law Associates are here to help you recover any unpaid debts quickly and efficiently. 

In some instances, our debt recovery process can be as simple as contacting your debtor to recover the unpaid debts, but if our lawyers find that this is unsuccessful then we can also represent you at any enforcement proceedings. If your debt recovery case becomes complicated, you can be rest assured that you will get the same level of service from our lawyers in Essex throughout. As debt recovery lawyers we have a good track record of getting a good outcome for our clients, across the UK. 

How our debt recovery service works:

Before we take on a clients debt recovery case, we will sit down with you to understand how much you are owed from your debtor and understand the situation of how they came to owe you money and when the payment was due. Once we have assessed this we will then be honest with you when it comes to ensuring that you will get the money back and let you know if it looks as though it will not be possible – for example if the debtor is now untraceable. 

Our debt recovery will begin the process by:

  • Sending a letter by action 
  • Issuing a County Court Proceedings
  • Obtaining judgements against the debtor
  • instructing bailiffs if it is needed or high court enforcement officers
  • Apply to wind up or bankrupt your debtor if we see this as necessary 

We also provide the following services:


If you are looking for further advice on debt recovery options, please contact one of our debt recovery lawyers. We offer a free initial consultation.

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