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What Happens When Your Landlord Wants to Sell The Property You Are Renting?

What happens when your landlord wants to sell the property you are renting in?

Are you in a situation where you rent a property that your landlord wants to sell during the middle of your tenancy agreement? This does happen and we do see it often. The reality is, that in this situation landlords have every right to do this, even if it is in the middle of your tenancy agreement. 

Below we have listed the details of what occurs in this situation as well as your rights as a tenant.

Your rights as a tenant

In a situation where a landlord puts his property up for sale whilst the tenant is still living in it, the following rights apply to the person renting. 

  • The tenancy remains unaffected. You are able to remain in the property until the tenancy is legally terminated. (You must be given appropriate notice). 
  • If your tenancy agreement says that you have another 6 months left until the end date then that remains binding in the contract 
  • If someone comes to view the property, then you are within your rights to allow viewings only when it is convenient to you. A landlord does not have the authority to enforce viewings or force entry unless there is an emergency
  • Landlords often offer cash settlements to mutually agree on terminating the tenancy
    It is worth having your rights at hand if you are ever faced with the situation of your landlord selling the property whilst you are still renting, as you definitely can’t be removed from the property unless given proper notice.

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