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Getting a Divorce - Changing the Locks

Are You Allowed to Change the Locks When Getting a Divorce?

When getting divorced, if a person moves out of a property, we are often asked if the locks can be changed. We understand that in many situations, clients want to do this to ensure that they feel safe within their homes and to prevent their ex partner from regaining entry, particularly when the house may be vacant. 

The answer to this question always depends on who owns the property. If your property is in joint names then you should not change the locks unless there is an agreement as both of you will have a right to access your own property. 

In some instances the person that has left the property may feel a loss of control and want to ensure that their asset and the person left in the property feels threatened by any uninvited visits. 

We would recommend a compromise so that personal belongings are removed by the person that vacated the property which should then reduce the amount of time that this person would need to visit the property. After this, an agreement should be reaches to ensure that visits are minimal and only when they should happen. The importance of respecting each other’s personal space is vital. 

We recommend that if a person is left in the property, you may want to agree that you are given reasonable notice before your ex partner pays a visit and are given an explanation as to the reason for the proposed visit. 

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If you are getting divorced and unsure of the rules of changing the locks on your property, it is worth contacting a lawyer before making the change. Our divorce lawyers are on hand to provide you with advice and offer a free initial consultation.

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