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Harassment by Landlord

What is Harassment by Landlord?

If your landlord is forcing you to vacate a property, this can be classed legally as harassment. In general terms it can include a landlord refusing to make repairs or to carry out necessary and essential maintenance for you to live comfortably within the property.

Any type of harassment is a criminal offence. Another common scenario of harassment by a landlord is visiting the property without giving you prior warning, accessing your living quarters. If your landlord plans to visit the property that you are renting from them, then they must give you proper notice to do so. 

You may find it difficult in addressing issues of harassment with your landlord, but there are legal remedies that are available to you, which can ensure further prevention from abusing their position as a landlord and harassing you.

What Are Examples of Harassment by Landlord?

Examples of landlord harassment can include: 

  • Allowing the property to fall into disrepair
  • Not providing any notice when workmen or builders need to enter the property
  • Entering property without prior notice 
  • Harassing you because of your race, gender or sexuality
  • Reading or interfering with your mail
  • Leaving you with no access to electric, gas or water
  • Changing the locks 

How CP Law Associates Can Help You

If you believe that your landlord is harassing you, we recommend that you seek legal advice through our tenant and landlord lawyers as soon as possible. We will be able to discuss with you the options that you have. We often advise clients on taking action against landlord harassment and we are also able to advise police in cases of harassment by a landlord that includes physical violence.

If your landlord is harassing you in any way, then please contact us today. 

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