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How Long Does Bankruptcy Last?

How Long Does Bankruptcy Last?

Bankruptcy usually lasts for 12 months in England and Wales. During this time, if you are in this position then you are usually referred to as an undischarged bankrupt, which is the legal term for someone going through bankruptcy. 

Are You Still Classed As Bankrupt After 12 Months?

Technically no. Usually, after 12 months, you are discharged and then free from your debts, but this does not mean that the debts will then therefore, never impact you again. Instead the below timeline shows how although you are classed as free from your bankruptcy debt, it does still impact you. 


How Long Does Bankruptcy Last?

12 months after bankruptcy you are discharged and your debts are then written off. It is important that if you need to get proof for your bankruptcy ending that you do so, there is nothing provided to tell you that your bankruptcy has ended it just happens automatically. You can email the Insolvency Service in order to get proof of your bankruptcy ending on: discharge.queries@insolvency.gov.uk 

A confirmation letter is free, but must include:

  • full name
  • date of birth
  • current and previous address
  • National Insurance number
  • court reference number


When you have surpassed the 12 month period, the following change will happen at 15 months since you were declared bankrupt; Your bankruptcy listing will be removed from the Insolvency Register. 

Three years after being declared bankrupt is the official deadline for your Official Receiver to finish dealing with your home. But if the Official Receiver were unaware that you owned your home at the start of your bankruptcy, then it will be three years from that date that they were notified to start dealing with it. 

If you also had an Income Payment Arrangement set up against you, it is around three years that you will finish paying this.

Throughout the above timeline, your credit score will still be impacted. It is after six years that your bankruptcy will be removed from your credit report. It is important to understand that creditors may still ask you if you have ever declared bankruptcy even if at this point your bankruptcy has been removed. 


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