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How Will Ending Self Isolation Impact Employers?

How will ending self isolation impact employers?

The legal requirement to self isolate ended on the 24th February 2022, however free testing for the general public is set to continue until the 1st April. It is worth noting that these changes only apply to England and that Scotland will remove their legal requirement for self isolation on a different date. 

Self isolation support payments will end on 24th February and the reversal of COVID related changes to the SSP regime from 24th March, the 17th March will be the cut off date for rebate claims. 

Although the Government will replace the legal requirement to self isolate in England the Government have issued guidance for people to adopt essentially the same behaviour but on a voluntary basis if they test positive, at least until the free testing ends on 1 April. New guidance will be issued to staff who work in areas where the risk of COVID 19 transmission is high, including hospitals and care homes. 

Over the next few months, businesses will face a period of transition from now until the end of March. While evidence of the virus continues to remain relatively high and free testing remains in place for the next few months, employers may wish to continue with their existing COVID 19 protocols despite the absence of legally enforceable self-isolation requirements. Adopting these COVID 19 protocols for a little while longer will help to ensure your team feel safe. 

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