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Notice periods for seeking possession of residential tenancies

For the first time since the onset of the pandemic, there will be a return to pre-pandemic notice periods for seeking possession of residential tenancies, from the 1st October.

This change has come as a result of further amendment to the Coronavirus Act 2020, this had previously seen notice periods reach as high as six months of notice in most cases. The change to the notice periods will be welcomed by many landlords who have been affected by by the pandemic and have been unable to apply any court action to seek possession of their properties given the lengthy notice periods that are coupled with the court backlogs. 

Many landlords, during the pandemic found that they had to allow problem tenants to remain in their properties or have had to settle matters by other means – and this has included paying a premium to some tenants to ensure that they leave. 

It is worth noting, that as we are still within the pandemic, the government has retained emergency powers to impose longer periods until 25th March 2022, this means that we may see further increases to the notice periods if necessary. 

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