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Rise in family court fees

The 30th of September 2021, saw the cost of issuing certain applications in the Family Court increase, this is following the implementation of the Court Fees (Miscellaneous Amendment) Order.

So how could this affect you? 

If you are attending court for ‘children issues’ it is worth noting that an application for any of the following orders will have increased from £215 to £232. 

They are:

  • A Specific Issue Order – this determines an issue that has arisen between parents such as what school the child should attend 
  • A Prohibited Steps Order – this is an order preventing a particular action such as removing a child from school, or moving the child to another country
  • A Child Arrangements Order – an order which determines where the child should live, for example
  • A Special Guardianship Order – an order that places a child with someone permanently, giving them parental responsibility. 


How will it impact divorce and financial proceedings? 

If you are seeking a decree of divorce or nullity of a marriage or for the dissolution or nullity of a civil partnership, the application is now £593, it was previously £550. 

If you are looking to submit an application for a Decree Nisi, conditional order or a decree of judicial separation or a separation order the cost has increased by £4, from £50 to £54. 

If you agree to a financial order by consent, then the application fee will remain the same, it is currently £50 but for contested financial matters the application has increased from £255 to £275. 

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