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Notice periods for tenants reduce and the eviction ban ends

Notice periods for tenants dropped to four months from the 1st June 2021 for landlords that are seeking repossess their properties, with some exceptions as the ban on evictions ends meaning bailiffs can reinforce possession warrants.

There are debt respite and furlough schemes that will continue to remain in place to ensure that support is available for everyone affected as Covid 19 lockdowns end.

It has been nearly 14 months of extended notice periods, but since the 1st of June landlords in England have now got to give their tenants four months notice.

  1. The four month notice is the first step towards notice periods beginning to drop to pre-pandemic levels, it is expected to be downgraded completely by the 1st October 2021.
  2. The new notice period of four months is expected to remain in place until 30th September 2021 and after this they will then drop to two months in England.


However, there are exceptions for this and notice periods are allowed to be issued in serious circumstances.

These include:

  • Domestic abuse in the social sector – 2 to 4 weeks’ notice
  • Anti-social behaviour – 4 weeks notice
  • False statement – 2-4 weeks notice 
  • 4 months or more of rent arrears – 4 weeks notice
  • Breach of immigration rules in relation to ‘Right to Rent’ – 2 weeks notice
  • Death of a tenant – 2 months notice


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