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What are grounds for divorce in the UK?

What are grounds for divorce in the UK?

In the UK you are unable to file for divorce unless you have been married for over 1 year. There is one ground for divorce which is that the marriage has broken down and is now irretrievable.

There are five facts to follow as grounds to divorce and they are:

1) Adultery

2) Unreasonable behaviour

3) Desertion

4) Two years’ separation with consent

5) Five years’ separation with consent

But what happens if you don’t fall into the five facts of grounds for divorce?

If you and your partner have decided to separate but your situation does not fall into any of the five facts above, then you are both relying on each other, with or without a family lawyer to help you reach an agreement about the terms of your separation.

If you don’t have grounds for divorce or simply you do not wish to start divorce proceedings and you are able to also make financial and child arrangements between you and your partner, then you may wish to consider something called a Separation Agreement. A Separation Agreement is a document that can be prepared by us here at CP Law Associates, which you and your partner can sign and will state on it that you want to be divorced but will need no interception on child or financial matters by a lawyer.

Thinking of getting a divorce but you don’t fit into the grounds for divorce? Contact us today at CP Law Associates so we can discuss your requirements in more detail.

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