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Bailiff Eviction Ban Extended

The Government has extended the bailiff eviction ban

A bailiff eviction ban was first announced as part of the COVID support package developed by the Government last year.

Why was the bailiff eviction ban introduced?

The bailiff eviction ban was enforced to protect thousands of renters that would have faced eviction in the coming months as the COVID crisis left many renters unable to pay their bills.

The bailiff eviction ban ended first in September 2020 but was then reinstated in areas that were at high COVID risk in some tiers, in the autumn. On November 5th 2020 the Government said renters would be protected during the November national lockdown, with a bailiff eviction ban reinstated, except for cases which involved anti-social behaviour or those that are in 6 months or more of rent arrears.

The bailiff eviction ban has been extended

To renters relief, the Government have now decided to be given further temporary reprieve from losin their rented home after the Government have now extended a ban on bailiff evictions until the end of March 2021.

The extension on the bailiff eviction ban will come as welcome news for renters, especially after Citizens Advice published a research report that estimated around half a million renters are currently in arrears, with the amount owed being on average £730, which would total around £360 million across the country.

Has your landlord given you 6 months of notice for eviction?

If you have rent arrears which started building up before March 2020 your landlord is only required to give you a 4 week notice period. If you are facing eviction for antisocial behaviour, you can also be asked to leave with little or no notice.

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