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How to remove a CCJ

Have you been issued a CCJ?

You may have become a victim of the dreaded CCJ without even knowing when it occurred due to unfair practices, this is something that we come across often and we can give you advice on how to remove a CCJ.

Our lawyers can:

  • Take a look at the information on the CCJ that you have been given and from here advise on your legal position in relation to the CCJ
  • Speak with the creditor and assist in resolving the debt
  • Speak with the creditor and arrange an agreement with information on how to remove a CCJ and make the necessary application to Court by consent
  • We will prepare the necessary application to set aside the CCH if the Creditor will not consent to the removal of the CCJ
  • Represent you at a hearing if the case then reaches this stage

Have you received the CCJ in the last month?

f you have found out that you have been given a CCJ and the date of the CCJ has been issued within a month, then you have more chance of being able to remove this CCJ yourself. If you pay the full amount of the CCJ within one month, then it will be removed from your credit file. If you choose to go down this route, it is important that once you make the payment you ask the claimant to confirm that they have told the court so that the CCJ is then removed from the register.

If, however, you wait more than a month before paying a CCJ the CCJ will not be removed from your credit record, but instead it will be marked as ‘satisfied’ this will then make it slightly more easier for you to obtain credit.

What other options do you have?

At the complete opposite end of the scale to paying the CCJ, is not paying the CCJ and then waiting 6 years to be able to obtain credit. After 6 years CCJs are removed automatically from your credit record without you having to do anything, but the claimant can still enforce the CCJ. So, if after the 6 years it is still not paid, the claimant can take action to recover it which could be instructing bailiffs. This enforcement action will not impact your credit score as long as the CCJ is more than 6 years old.

Still looking for advice on how to remove a CCJ?

If you have received a CCJ and are unsure on what path to take to remove the CCJ, we suggest speaking with a qualified lawyer. At CP Law Associates we have a dedicated team of lawyers ready to advise you on how to apply to set aside a CCJ or in cases where the

claimant and the defendant is threatening to or has applied to set aside your judgement. Get in touch with us for quality and affordable legal advice by filling in the form below.

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