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Divorce Surges by a Fifth in 2019

The office for National Statistics has revealed that last year, divorce surges by a fifth in 2019, with 107,599 cases recorded. This makes the number of divorces in 2019 the largest number in almost 50 years.  

There was also a rise in heterosexual couples by 18.4% from 90,871 in 2018 to  107,599 in 2019. For same sex couples, divorces nearly doubled, with 428 in 2018 to 822 last year.  

Data supplied by the Office for National Statistics believe that the numbers may have jumped so high because of a backlog of case work in 2018, which over time has resulted in a higher number of divorces being registered in 2019.  

Kiran Kaur, Lawyer, who deals with Divorce at CP Law Associates said “Although we have seen a spike in divorces from the National Statistics on data from last year, this year could also see a much higher spike due to the COVID 19 pandemic and subsequent lockdowns. This year, we have certainly seen a rise in divorce enquiries and we believe that once we emerge from the pandemic we will continue to see a divorce boom.’ 

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Our lawyers, who specialise in divorce will be able to get you the support and advice you need, when exploring your options. We can advise on the following: 

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  • Your rights when going through the divorce procedure 
  • Annulment of marriage and the process that applies  
  • The financial consequence of going through the divorce procedure 

Your divorce may feel very complex, but it’s our job to try and make this process easy for you to understand and get you a good outcome.  

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